when dinosaurs die by laurie krasny brown and marc brown

The children had known for quite awhile that their Papa was sick, and when he passed, they didn't know exactly what that meant - because we didn't know what to tell them. A friend of mine gave us this book, and it was, under the circumstances, a helpful guide for us to begin having these types of conversations with our preschoolers. 

They both looked on intently at the graphics - scenarios showing what it means to be alive, and then examples of how we may die. I specifically didn't read some of the scenarios because I personally feel that my children are too young to understand its complex nature right now (like dying in war) but the others were suitable (such as car accidents, long illnesses) because they helped us explain and associate other conversations we've had in the past (such as seeing ambulances on the street with car accidents, and Papa long battle with cancer).

Since my children were barely understanding the idea about death, I also didn't read nor elaborate on the fact that there are dozens of religious and personal interpretations about the after life. What happens after we die? An arguable question even for adults. So instead I read a few that closely resembled  our views for now .

It reads quickly and briefly - giving children time to digest what's happening in the pictures. They liked the conversations being read in the bubbles and the emotions and feelings expressed. And for these reasons, make this an important book to own and share with young children through such a difficult time in their lives.

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