sloppy joe by dave keane

We first read this in the store, and a few weeks later, found it on the shelves at Half Price Books. It's one of Noah's favorites! He loves the idea of being messy - because he is most definitely not. And it is in this pretend play that he gets a kick out of seeing the mess Joe gets into at home. How his family can't keep up, and how sometimes, it's not so "great" to be messy after all.

The illustrations are just lovely - and we like to look at the pictures and find those missing crickets! Most lovely - is the message: that no matter what others may think of you, you will always be loved for just the way you are.

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  1. Saw your comment on Zakka Life and was drawn to your blog title.

    This book was one of my purchases for our grandsons at the book fair at their school. The cover art was what drew me in, but the subject is so pertinent!