dream big little pig by kristi yamaguchi

"Dreaming" doesn't have to focus on what children want to do or be when they grow up. To me, dreaming is about everyday... and believing that there's yet even more to what we can imagine. To not stop short at what is, but to continuously create and evolve.
Dream Big Little Pig, written by Olympic gold medalist and now first time children's book author, Kristi Yamaguchi, is a book about just that. Poppy, the main character of this sparkling book, dreams of being a star one day. What that looks like or means - she has yet to discover, as she tries ballet, modeling and even a singing competition. Through the process, she experiences challenges and the judges, coaches and peers all tell her she should just try something else. But her family and best friend always cheer her on - saying the exact same thing - "You go girl! Follow your dreams! Dream big, pig!"

Even after trying so many things, Poppy feels discouraged about not fulfilling her dream of becoming a star one day. In her sadness, she hears the voices of those she loves most, remembering that her family and best friend would always love her for who she is, and be her number one fan of what ever she chooses to do. These words help Poppy feel better - and to look beyond her limits.

Doing so, enabled Poppy to open her heart and find something that truly was amazing to her. And although the ice skating teacher told her she didn't think it was possible for her to do it, she responded, "anything's possible." 

And it is in this message exactly, that I wish for every child to know and embrace - just as Yamaguchi has demonstrated in this book - which captures what she experienced on her own personal journey - that one can fulfill any dream they have by first believing in themselves.

Poppy, like all kids, dream. And it is up to us to positively encourage and cheer our little ones on... and be their biggest fans.

After reading this book*, you'll find yourself saying {or shouting} "dream big pig" in any predicament the kids encounter when they feel like they "can't" do something. Like when Noah started to get upset when he couldn't buckle his car seat by himself. Ava and I shouted, "dream big pig" - and he broke into a smile. And although he didn't get it snapped that time, he knew that we believed in him, and that in itself, is golden....

*This book was provided solely to do a review and has not been monetarily compensated and is based on the views and opinions of theartoffamily.

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  1. This looks like a cute book. Thanks for sharing.