A Good Day - by Kevin Henkes

This is one of those beautiful books that you would want to tear out the pages {did I say tear? no never} ok, use an x-acto knife, frame, and hang up in your little girls' room. From sweet animals who quite clearly are having a bad moment - to the next - when everything turns up to be good - especially for the little girl at the very end... it make my heart melt every time.


  1. About framing the illustrations: I've bought several children's books to cut up and use in my paper crafting. So far, I've been unable to do it because when I get it home, I can't make myself use the scissors. It isn't that I can't cut up books at all - because I do - but illustrated books that draw me seem like keepers.

    However, I have a new plan. The Friends of the Library corner offer them for donations and so is a good source for duplicates.

  2. Oh I wish we had something like that at our library. I contemplated about going back to the book store and buying a second copy just for tearing and framing. These pictures are definitely to be admired on a wall and remembered as important messages about making the best out of the situation. Thanks for the great suggestion Carla!